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Introduction to the culture of Northern Cyprus

فهرست مطالب

For the people of Northern Cyprus, the family is very important and therefore the people of Northern Cyprus spend a lot of their free time with their families and on picnics and celebrations with their families. All towns and even some villages in Northern Cyprus hold festivals and festivals, many of which are in early summer. Among these festivals and festivals in Cyprus, we can mention the Spring Festival of Colors as well as the festival.
The people of Northern Cyprus strive to maintain their old customs (which have become part of their culture) during their ceremonies, celebrations, and even their daily lives. In national and historical celebrations one can see the general place of the culture of the Cypriot people. Respect for the traditional customs and cultures of Northern Cyprus has always been pleasing.
It should be noted that Cyprus is not a new player in terms of the tourism industry in the region, but Cyprus has a 9000-year-old civilization, and in addition, the country has important and significant points in terms of history, culture, customs, and mythology. It has a beautiful area decorated with its own customs; It is noteworthy that although the people of this region are familiar with modern life and are accustomed to this practice, but they are very committed to and respect the customs and culture of the past and give this to their children. Learn.
Cyprus is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, which is why it is also called the land or island of love. Become.
The people of Northern Cyprus are generally Muslim and value religious freedom. Freedom of expression is one of the things that is observed in this country.

Greek and Turkish are the two official languages ​​of Cyprus. Of course, it should be noted that Greek is spoken with an accent.

جشن ها و فستیوال های قبرس شمالی


The culture of the Cypriot people is similar to that of marriage in Iran. Weddings and weddings in Northern Cyprus are a sacred family event. The elders of the family (aunts, uncles, etc.) gather together at the wedding to ensure that the couple has the best day.
The customs of Northern Cyprus are very similar to those of Iranians and Turks.
The people of Northern Cyprus are Muslims, the people of Northern Cyprus shake hands when greeting each other, and hug each other when saying goodbye, just like the cultures of the Asian region of the region. Many of the country’s ceremonies are similar to those of Turkey and Iran, and from mourning to celebrations, everyone tries to attend.
Greek and Turkish are the two official languages ​​of Cyprus. Of course, it should be noted that Greek and Turkish are spoken with an accent.
About 15% of its words are reserved for Cyprus only. There are other smaller groups in the country that speak Armenian and Arabic. In addition to these languages, approximately 76% of Cypriots are fluent in English, 12% in French and 5% in German.
In most cases, the island’s natives will respond with a smile; many Cypriot vendors are even able to speak Persian.
The people of Northern Cyprus have always had good relations with the Iranian people and have a lot in common culturally with the Iranians.

Most Cypriots are also followers of Christianity and Islam, and the Cyprus Orthodox Church is one of the oldest autonomous churches.
People in cities usually go to church less and do most of their religious work in the same house.
The people of Northern Cyprus can easily speak Cypriot-Greek, Turkish-Cypriot as well as English, so that even the elderly are fluent in English.
These are a part of the customs and culture of Northern Cyprus. You can contact us for more information.

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